ground-zero-remembered-1257111-640x480As we remember the terror of what took place fourteen years ago on 9-11, we can see the grace of God in the midst of devastation. The word “grace” is “charis” in the Greek, and has the numerical value of 911. God extended grace to America, even in the midst of the most horrific moment. Imagine what would have happened if the White House or the Capitol Building was destroyed? I recall the many churches that were filled with people who needed a place of refuge, a place of hope. But what happened to all of the masses of people that filled the pews in churches across America? Where are they 14 years later? And where is America 14 years later? Have we forgotten that it was God who calmed our fears and gave us the strength to continue as a nation?


Dear Friends, God has given us plenty of time to repent and turn from our sin, but look how far we have digressed in 14 years! There are many who believe that something is going to take place this month that will wake up our nation. With everything that is taking place between Rosh Hashanah on Sept.14th through the Feast of Tabernacles on Sept 28th, certainly God is speaking to us. But in the midst of it all, a new sound is arising! It is the sound of the praying and prevailing saints of God who love this nation enough to pray and intercede until God sends revival! No matter what we must face in the days ahead, we must not fear! For it is in the darkest of times that His LIGHT shall arise! Come and pray and intercede for our nation on September 19th! REVIVAL IS DEPENDENT UPON OUR PRAYERS!

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